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Dan Wittmers

Dan Wittmers is the Associate Director, Mobility for Initiative-NY, overseeing mobile strategy for top-tier brands including: MillerCoors, Hasbro, Arby’s and USAA, as well as the Founder & CEO of the Mobile Leaders Alliance. Prior to his current roles, Wittmers held the position of Director of Sales for three separate companies. The first of which, MoVoxx, was a startup mobile ad network supporting SMS content and mobile display. During his employment, Wittmers helped increase YOY sales, extend brand awareness nationally and launched numerous innovative media and messaging campaigns.

MoVoxx was acquired in late 2010 by Adenyo, a mobile software provider based out of Toronto. Helping to educate his new company on the media business, Dan received training in messaging, development, LBS, SaaS tools and predictive analytics. In 2011 Adenyo was acquired by Motricity (NASDAQ: MOTR) for just over $100 million.

During his mobile tenure, he has had the opportunity to work with brands such as: Kroger, Subway, Paramount, Fox Home Entertainment, ABC and Mike’s Hard Lemonade. His knowledge of mobile, only surpassed by his passion for it, he is an emerging thought leader and has been said to possess a natural understanding of the mobile ecosystem.

Bryan Christman

Bryan is a highly experienced mobile marketer helping brands, agencies and publishers realize their potential in the space. As Director of Mobile at Outbrain, he is highly involved in all mobile strategy, revenue and distribution for it’s content recommendation ecosystem.

Before Outbrain, Bryan played an instrumental role scaling strategy and client service teams at Adenyo, resulting in an acquisition by Motricity (NASDAQ: MOTR) in January 2011 for $100mm. After the acquisition, he relocated to New York City to assume the role of Director of Mobile Ad Strategy at Motricity. Responsible for client strategy and account management teams, Bryan led the charge introducing new products and services into its solution stack.

Prior to Adenyo, he was the Director of Client Services at MoVoxx, a leading mobile advertising company that intelligently served ads into content reaching over 50mm unique users. Adenyo acquired MoVoxx in May 2010.

Bryan is always pushing the bounds of mobile creative and execution while offering his clients the most effective and scalable tools available.