T-Mobile Goes All In with New Plans

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During this year’s CES, one of the world’s largest consumer electronic shows, telecommunications provider T-Mobile held an “Un-carrier Next” press event announcing new moves in wireless communications. While T-Mobile President and CEO John Legere discussed the future of wireless communications and the current problems customers have with their mobile wireless services, the main focus was on the new One plan, T-Mobile’s latest cell phone plan offering.

T-Mobile One is a plan that’s making a bold move to give customers exactly what they sign up for—the price that’s advertised is the price to pay, no catches to it. This means the additional service fees, taxes and overage fees in data usage won’t be tacked on to the final bill.  The plan has multiple benefits and components that will rival its top competitors’ phone plans.

One of T-Mobile One’s highlights is its KickBack component. KickBack upholds a philosophy that customers shouldn’t have to pay for the data they don’t use. For those that use 2GB or less a month, T-Mobile credits up to $10 towards the next bill’s statement. The program aspect further bodes with the theme of putting the customer’s interests first.

Another ground-breaking change that comes with the plan is Un-contract. With Un-contract, T-Mobile puts the power into the customer’s hands, promising to never change the price agreed upon when the T-Mobile ONE contract is signed. If the customer decides to change the plan or add different lines, they are then the one with the power to change the price.

T-Mobile One also pioneers a new way to look at the internet. Instead of selling mobile internet usage in gigabytes of data, it simply provides customers with unlimited talk, text and high-speed data. The “un-carrier” is going completely 100% unlimited, with T-Mobile One as its leading plan that will give unlimited everything. With the transition to everything mobile, this plan caters to today’s consumers and their need to constantly have connection without having to think about how much it’s costing and where they can get it from.

Competitors in the mobile wireless communications space are starting to feel the pressure with T-Mobile’s most recent un-carrier plan. Contrasting T-Mobile One’s transparent plan of no additional fees, AT&T will being charging an additional $5 monthly fee for customers who want unlimited data. Previously, those who were grandfathered in to an unlimited data plan will no longer receive the perk and will have to pay the extra cost to stay on an unlimited data plan.

As for Verizon, its plans seem to generate the complex billing statement problems T-Mobile One addresses. When customers sign up for a mobile plan with Verizon, they’re subject to a combination of voice, text and data fees that weren’t included in the quoted service charge. However, it’s not all to blame on the wireless provider since state and local government laws do have weight in these added fees. But the bottom line is, T-Mobile One proves to be customer-satisfaction friendly because it makes it a point to price out a plan with all additional taxes and fees already included so the customer can feel more in control of what they buy into.

With the unveiling of T-Mobile One, the wireless communications carrier is making significant progress in implementing mobile communications everywhere, more and more possible. Its plan gives convenience to customers by relieving the worry and stress caused by unexpected fees and taxes that are often tacked on to the billing statement. It’s one small step for mobile providers but one giant leap towards enabling unlimited communications in every realm.


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