Apple Announces App Store Search Ads

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Apple has recently announced some changes that will result in boosting the technology-based company to reign in the App Store platform which they have also defined. Among the tremendous changes is better sharing of revenue terms for developers that will come with the much awaited App Store Search Ads product. Mobile marketers will have an answer to the immense demand in install-based marketing campaigns for applications which have been dominated by Facebook in its app advertising and monetization ecosystem.

Apple’s App Store Search Ads are coming at a time when Apple failed to generate a reliable revenue stream with a 13% decline in income from the previous year. According to The Verge, Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, mentioned that Search Ads will provide a perfect platform for both developers and users although it will be carefully deployed. Search Ads will help marketers with more targeting and bidding techniques which have been a significant benefit for Facebook Ads. Launching in beta this summer, the App Store will be changing the game for Apple with rising App Store revenue and marketers will have a great opportunity to earn ROI from app investments.

Apple’s overall goal is to make refreshed App Store, showcase most ideal apps to the right users and assist App Store marketers in maximizing their revenue in the highly competitive marketplace where getting users is growing difficult by the day.

Search Ads Features

  • One ad per search – the most searched ad will be voted as the top-ranking ad among the eligible ones. Ranking will also be based on several factors including ad relevance score and bid.
  • Apps that have already been installed by default will not receive ads. This will prevent irrelevant advertising.
  • Ads will have blue shading and a blue ‘Ad’ marker similar to the yellow Google’s ‘Ad’ marker.
  • Advertisers have numerous options which include making a custom ad, directly promote their listing as an ad, or allow Apple to build an ad automatically.
  • Pricing based on CPC with a second-price auction and an elective CPA-optimizer.

Similar elements of other digital marketing campaigns:

  • A relevance score that will oversee relevance filtration before an ad goes to auction and again as a pricing factor.
  • The budget is set during the campaign, with targeting based at ad group level.
  • A variety of targeting opportunities including auto placement, match-type based keywords and device and audience targeting.
  • An ad can be created and presented in several formats, and this is possible by combining texts and images.
  • Going for new users or visiting existing users and also users of other applications in your developer account.
  • API available for creating an excellent campaign, management and reporting.

Key Benefits for Developers/Marketers

App Store Search Ads will offer the most applicable method of driving paid app downloads
This approach is of paramount importance for developers since this will provide them with an opportunity to acquire more views of their App Store listing. An App Store search ad placed right could serve as the best nudge to get some individuals to download the app eventually and turn into regular users.

Developers will now be able to target specific types of users.
Additional targeting options will be useful for developers considering changing their user base demographics. You can further opt to Search Ads on specific days of the week or times of the day.

Find out which App Store keywords result in installs
Adding only a few lines of code to your app will enable you to obtain the data that has so far eluded the app marketer’s fingertips: keywords that drove installs.

App Store Optimization (ASO) is essential now than ever before
Since Search Ads will be subject to a relevance score, getting a high score will have a significant impact on the app marketing funnel.

Access to Apple’s keyword data for research purposes
Based on the app and its genre, Mobile marketers will be able to select their keywords from the suggested lists of relevant keywords.

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