8 Ways To Skyrocket Your B2B Mobile Marketing Sales

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B2B Mobile Marketing

If you have a business and want to increase your revenue, you will have to attract buyers. Sometimes that means networking through other businesses (B2B) in order to achieve the end result, which might be producing products or services for consumers. Therefore, you have to know how to attract B2B buyers and one of the best ways to do that is through mobile marketing. Business to consumer (B2C) sales and marketing companies have been using mobile for quite some time because B2C sales transactions are fairly straightforward. But now it’s time for B2B companies to get on board.

Here are eight ways to attract B2B buyers and skyrocket your sales using tried and true mobile marketing tactics.

1. Make Every Touch Point Mobile Friendly and Responsive

B2B buyers require loads of information about your products and services before they can make an intelligent decision about what you have to offer and how it can be used to their benefit. That makes it all that much more important for every touch point to be mobile friendly and your content responsively designed if you want your buyers to get all the way through your sales funnel successfully.

2. Test Everything From the Other Side of the Desk

Many companies are great at marketing, but lousy at being the prospect. You need to experience every aspect of the sales process from the point of view of B2B buyers. You and several designated team members need to grab your mobile devices and start from square one, which is doing a general search for your product or service. Then follow that all the way through to the end of your sales funnel to see if there’s anything that could distract a prospect, anything that’s hard to navigate or anything that could cause them to get off track and abandon the sale.

3. Taglines and USP’s

You can’t attract B2B buyers if you can’t get their attention. Therefore you need to come up with, or pay to have someone develop, an exceptional tagline. That’s the first step in getting your buyers’ attention. Then you need to follow that up by presenting your buyers with what it is you do and how you do it better than everyone else. That’s your unique selling proposition (USP).

4. Develop a Mobile App

Many mobile users prefer to use apps versus going through traditional channels such as a website, because apps are much quicker to access and use because there is no searching or waiting to get where you need to go, which includes accessing and finding the information you need.

5. Engage Your Prospects Via Rich Media

Rich media is an ad that contains images or video that interacts with the user via the use of puzzles, games, surveys, etc. If you can engage your prospects, the more likely you will be to build your brand recognition and trust levels, because you have grabbed the prospect’s attention and engaged them, which will make it much easier to gently nudge them on through to your sales funnel.

6. Geo-Targeting Is Paramount

Geo-targeting will help you grow your revenue more quickly because it uses the location of a prospect based on their geographic location (using their IP address, WiFi and/or GPS data) and other personal information. Using geo-targeting will allow you to send your message to buyers who have tagged themselves to be in any given locale, such as: an airport, hotel, business conference, etc., which means the chances are much higher that the people who are receiving your messages are business people and therefore a more targeted audience.

7. Multichannel Marketing Is a Must

Your mobile marketing should never stand alone. You should always integrate your mobile marketing with your other marketing channels, such as using QR codes on your print ads and flyers, coupons to generate sales, etc. Additionally, you should always include the same messages on all your social media pages as well. Then follow everything up with email, SMS and MMS messages to give your prospects a gentle reminder about your offers. And don’t forget to include your app option as well. This will not only remind them about your offer, but it will also give them several options with which they can respond.

8. Trade Show Gold

Using SMS at a trade show is like mining gold. I would be willing to bet that everyone in attendance has and is using their mobile device while on the floor. You should plan a trade show strategy that you can use to deliver your SMS messages during the event. This could be a bit tricky, so don’t hesitate to hire a service to assist you with rolling out your SMS marketing strategy effectively. Using SMS messaging during a trade show will allow you to send the participants real-time messages that could include an invite to your booth, the ability to enter a contest, notify them that they’ve won a prize, send them a demonstration or seminar reminder or even send them a video sampling of your products or services as a little tease to entice them over to your spot on the floor and more importantly away from your competitors.

What’s Next?

How do you ensure that your customer is getting the best mobile experience possible when interacting with your brand? Make sure to share them with us in the comments below. I would love to read them.


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