Adobe Announces New Data-Sharing Effort for Cross-Device Ad Targeting

by • March 22, 2016

Adobe unveiled a new push for cross-device targeting today at its Adobe Summit.

Amit Ahuja, the general manager of data management for Adobe Marketing, explained the product to me beforehand, and he laid out the problem in a pretty straightforward manner: “If you don’t know who the user is across different devices, clearly that’s broken.” So at a basic level, the aim of cross-device tracking is to identify when the same person is using multiple devices.

Ahuja acknowledges that Adobe isn’t the first company to address this issue, but he argued that existing approaches are lacking. They generally fall into two categories — you’re either using login information (the “deterministic” approach) or you’re making an educated guess based on user behavior (the “probabilistic” approach).

Using logins sounds a lot more reliable. After all, if someone signs into Facebook from a laptop and then they sign into the same account on their phone, there’s a pretty high chance that both devices are used by the same person. The problem, of course, is that not every company can be Google or Facebook or Amazon. So Ahuja is pitching the new Adobe Marketing Cloud Device Co-op as a way to combine the accuracy of the deterministic approach with the scale of the probabilistic  one.



Source: TechCrunch - Anthony Ha

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