Spring Clean Your Tech

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Spring cleaning is about more than washing windows and dusting drapes – it’s about a fresh start! And why shouldn’t that fresh start include your gadgets? Now is the perfect time to get those gadgets spring and summer ready by beefing up security, streamlining online accounts and otherwise making sure that tech is in tip top shape. Here’s what you need to do:

Back up everything: Make sure your important data is safe moving forward by backing up everything, including your device’s settings, to the cloud. Apps like Unclouded let you access files from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive and even more cloud storage solutions via a single interface.

Update your OS: Sure, those regular updates can be annoying – and so easy to ignore – but they address new security threats and known usage issues so they’re worth doing.

Look into upgrades: Whether that means switching to a better carrier for voice, text and data or switching from Apple (simple, clean interface) to Android with Snapdragon (fastest mobile processor for great graphics) or vice versa, make sure your devices have everything you need.

Donate outdated devices: Tossing old devices in the trash is not only wasteful, but also bad for the environment. Plus there are so many organizations that collect older phones and tablets and put them to good use.

Beef up security settings: Make sure you are using all of your devices’ built-in protections, then go a step further by installing security apps like Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus.

Change your passwords: Chances are you’re not changing your passwords often enough so make switching things up part of spring cleaning. Not feeling creative? LastPass is an app that creates and then saves complex passwords so you don’t have to.

Get rid of unneeded apps: If you haven’t played a game or used an app in some time, uninstall it to free up space to download apps you’ll actually use.

Clear your cache: Periodically clearing cache frees up a little space and can improve performance. On Android devices, go to Settings>Apps, select an app, and tap the Clear Cache option.

Delete what you don’t need: Remember that photos, videos, music, recordings, books, notes and other files take up space – delete anything that’s out of date and transfer whatever you don’t need daily to cloud storage.

Recheck your settings: Even if you’ve tweaked your settings for battery life and usability in the past, double check that everything is how you want it. Why? Sometimes updates can restore factory settings.

Clean your device: As in, give it a good once over with lint-free electronic wipes, working carefully around the speaker and mic. And once it’s spotless, put that phone or tablet in a new, higher quality case.

Optimize your device for nighttime: Install Twilight to ensure that staying on top of social media isn’t interfering with your sleep cycle. It adjusts screen brightness and color settings to filter out light that can make falling asleep more difficult.

While spring is a great time to think about cleaning up devices, you can use these tips any time phones or tablets become sluggish or glitchy. Chances are that a little bit of clean-up will go a long way toward making even older devices feel new again.


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