Best Mobile Devices & Games for the Holidays

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What do most people want to see under the tree this holiday season? Gadgets, and plenty of them. In 2015 2/3 of Americans plan to give the gift of new technology and a majority of Millennials want to unwrap new devices and accessories when holiday giving time rolls around.

The good news is that snagging a phone or tablet with one of the best mobile device processors won’t break the bank this year and there are more options than ever before for preloading gifted tech with amazing apps and games.

From stocking stuffers to splurges, here are some of the best mobile devices and games to give your friends, family and everyone on your list.

In reviews, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has gained a reputation for having the best display ever thanks to immersive screen technology and the enhanced multi-window feature. This is a great device for the workaholics on your list – it has power to spare plus built in Microsoft apps, and the new S Pen is a strong addition to the latest Note iteration.

For the little ones, Amazon’s Fire Kids Edition looks like a toy thanks to an adorable kid-friendly case but is actually a full-featured HD tablet, with front and rear cameras and sweet Dolby Audio. Even better, it’s a steal at about a hundred bucks and comes pre-loaded with one year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited.

Apple enthusiasts in your life will be overwhelmed to rip the wrapping off an Apple iPhone 6s. While the Note 5 has the power to handle both business and pleasure, the latest iPhone has amazing battery life, 3D Touch and access to the apps with the best user reviews in the world.

Of the two big Nexus phones that hit the market this year, Google’s Huawei Nexus 6P is the higher end device. It ships with the new fingerprint scanner technology, a USB Type-C port, Now On Tap capability and the ability to use Google Fi wireless service. It’s also $200-300 less than this year’s other flagship phones.

What’s better than unwrapping a new device? Unwrapping a device that’s been loaded with awesome apps. Make the gift of technology even sweeter with these apps and games:

A year’s worth of entertainment is almost always appreciated. Netflix is a no-brainer for movie buffs, just make sure you include a gift card with a year-long subscription. The same goes for Spotify, Apple Music and Rdio. And don’t forget the Kindle app. You could include an Amazon gift card, but there are literally thousands of free titles out there waiting to be read.

For close friends and family who could use a little peace, check out Pause, a relaxation app that promotes focus and stress relief or Headspace, which does the same thing for people who are short on time. And for that extra special person, Couplete is a new sharing app for couples that’s a digital scrapbook and synched calendar in one.

Casual gamers will love how Monument Valley and the new stunner Seashine look on today’s amazing displays. Serious gamers will appreciate Dragon Hero, which takes its look and feel from the classic games that were the forefathers of modern blockbusters. The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is one of the richest titles to spin off the franchise. And the look and feel of Star Wars: Uprising will blow fans’ minds.

While it’s still better to give than to receive, it may just be that shopping for holiday tech will inspire you to give yourself a few gifts along the way. And why fight the urge?

Happy shopping!


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