AT&T Readying for Cross-Screen Addressable Ad-Tech Launch

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Predictive analytics, an established mobile platform, and acquisition of DirecTV may give AT&T the edge with cross-screen addressable ad-tech.

Traditional television ad buys are fast losing ground. Advertisers of all sizes and industry want smart targeting capabilities to get their best ROI. After purchasing DirecTV three months ago, AT&T is positioned to trial a campaign that reaches consumer’s televisions—and their mobile devices—for an end-to-end advertising experience that may be hard to beat.

AT&T and Opera Mediaworks:  Reach and Engagement

There is no question that Millennials and just about everybody else are tired of traditional television, and outbound ads.  According to an article in The New York Times, Millennials spend about 91 hours a month on mobile, streaming on-demand video and moving deeper into ad-free app space. Wary of the hard-sell, consumers today are looking for something new on their screens.

After the first of the year, AT&T and Opera Mediaworks are set to launch a campaign that associates 12 million addressable television homes with the mobile devices used in each household, regardless of their wireless carrier. During this trial campaign, expect to see:

  • Targeted television ads based on data-qualified households
  • Extensions of advertising experiences to mobile devices associated with users in the home
  • Mobile engagements could include coupons, calendaring events or click to call/order

The AT&T product also offers measurement opportunities to track offer redemption, visits to online or brick and mortar stores, or purchases of any type.

This impressive feat is no stunt. With the acquisition of DirecTV, the sales teams of AT&T and DirectTV merged to move past traditional means and methods of buying television advertising time.

Rick Welday, president of AT&T Adworks,  noted, “The combination of 12 million addressable DirecTV homes with the 70 million homes in the TV Blueprint audience network puts us in a unique position. We will continue to reduce wasted spend in traditional national TV ad buys and provide best-in-class post campaign measurement to prove it.”

By partnering with Opera Mediaworks, AT&T takes advantage of location data for more than 285 million mobile users to land and expand from television to mobile screens. Mahi deSilva, CEO of Opera, states, “Integrated marketing across TV, smartphones and tablets puts influential new tools in the hands of brands and agencies. They can now tell a seamless story to their target audiences at home and on the go.”

To complete the offer, AT&T Adworks leverages its own tech capabilities, including:

  • Addressable television: Addressable advertising uses digitally harvested data to qualify target households.
  • TV Blueprint: TV Blueprint is an AT&T algorithm utilizing predictive modeling to create a focused media plan.  According to AT&T, the algorithm is able to pattern an advertising buy with “best days, dayparts and networks using anonymous and aggregate set-top box viewership data.”

Data optimization and successful predictive analytics could mean better engagement with target audiences and the end of hit-or-miss advertising.

Targeted television ads pushed to mobile are sure to raise some questions about privacy. While confirming it does not sell the personal information of its customers, AT&T will use available data to create relevant audience groups with Opera. AT&T consumers can opt-out of addressable advertising by changing their account privacy choices.

Commenting on the upcoming trial campaign in 2016, Mr. Welday notes, “This trial capability makes it possible for advertisers and their agencies to deliver the same message to consumers on their TV and mobile devices while creating end-to-end campaign measurement. This service also protects the customer’s privacy through multiple safeguards and anonymity.”

Seamless cross-screen integration of television and mobile advertising is on its way.  Will the AT&T campaign make it happen?


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