I Took Myself Out Of The Running

by • November 9, 2015

Two of the joys of being in the career advice business are:

  1. Career advice is usually just “time spent in the field” meets “common sense.” You know… the type of stuff your grandma would’ve told if you’d just taken the time to listen more carefully.
  2. It’s usually pretty easy to put the advice in play right away.

So it was a familiar situation when an audience member approached me the other night to tell me he didn’t think he should go through with his interviews.

After our conversation, it was great to receive his email the next week…

“We met briefly at last Wednesday’s Yale Tech meetup. I was the one non-Yalie in the room, so nervous about a Friday interview that I was considering taking myself out of the running.

Nerves notwithstanding, on your encouragement and the encouragement of many others, I studied my ass off and headed in for a full day of interviews on Friday. Long story short, I came home to find an offer in my email!  It’s a huge step forward in my career and is honestly more than I’d hoped for when I started looking around.



Source: The Ladders

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