The NFL’s First Live-Streamed Game On Yahoo Attracted Over 15 Million Viewers

by • October 26, 2015

Yahoo and the NFL this morning said that over 15 million people tuned into the first-ever global live stream of a regular season NFL game, hosted by Yahoo on Sunday, which featured a match-up Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars. The event was fairly historic in nature, as it served as an initial step in the NFL’s plans to offer more of its games available via streaming services in the future.

According to Yahoo, over 15.2 million unique viewers tuned into the watch the game, which was streamed live from London’s Wembley Stadium. The company said it saw 33.6 million streams, accounting for over 460 million total minutes. Those numbers indicate that some viewers were reloading their streams on occasion, or perhaps leaving the stream and then later returning to watch more.

Viewers on Twitter reported mixed experiences with the stream’s quality. For some, the stream performed well. A number of users called the stream “solid,””smooth,” and “high quality.” Others weren’t as lucky, saying it was a disaster or even, “the worst.” Some also experienced freezing and blurring, though one report noted that many of the problems were resolved after the first 20 minutes.

Yahoo, however, says that its rebuffering ratio was nearly 1 percent, while delivering over 8.5 petabytes to end users – a figure that suggests those having technical problems were in the minority. Streams reached HD levels with maximum bitrates over 6.74 megabits per second and 60 frames per second, the NFL said.



Source: TechCrunch - Sarah Perez

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