3 Device Management Rules to Live By

by • October 23, 2015


In a mobile world where quality assurance (QA) is top of mind, enterprise companies are accruing a vast quantity of devices to support the ongoing testing of software and applications. As testing requirements grow more complex, actively managing devices is crucial. It can streamline product development, ensure all testing devices are secure and accounted for and protect your company’s investment in development and QA.

At Phunware, we’ve taken our approach to the next level by developing an internal app that allows us to simplify device check-out and check-in. You don’t have to build your own app to keep your testing devices under control, though—you can implement some simple best practices.

Here are our top three device management rules to live by:

  1. Lock up your devices when they’re not in use.
  2. Make one person the master of the device management domain. Designate a backup for when that person is out of the office. Don’t let anyone else manage devices.
  3. Require device check-out and check-in for accountability.

Read more about how we keep track of all our test devices at Phunware on the Testmunk blog.


Source: Phunware

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