Oracle ID Graph Integrates Cross-Device Data From Tapad

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New-York-based marketing tech firm Tapad today announced the integration of its cross-device data across the Oracle ID Graph. According to Are Traasdahl, Founder and CEO of Tapad, “The new solution follows several tier-1 acquisitions by Oracle, including two longtime, deeply respected partners of Tapad, Datalogix and BlueKai. Their innovative solutions have been integral to the evolution of our industry.”

The move is expected to strengthen the ability of the Oracle ID Graph to connect the dots between same users over multiple devices, and will enhance the marketing capabilities of its clients.

Oracle & Tapad: Reunited

The partnership with Oracle Data Cloud builds on an existing relationship between the two companies. Notes Eric Roza, Senior Vice President of the Oracle Data Cloud, “We’ve worked closely with Tapad for years through our prior relationships at Datalogix and BlueKai, and we’re delighted to extend that successful collaboration across the entire Oracle Data Cloud.”

Mr. Roza  added, “Tapad’s cross-device data will help us further improve marketers’ ability to reach their target audiences – and measure the success of their campaigns – by using the Oracle ID Graph across tablets, phones, and other mobile devices.”

BlueKai and Datalogix each had relationships with Tapad prior to acquisition by Oracle in 2014.

Since its founding in 2010, Tapad has seen tremendous growth. As companies develop, the importance of smart, data-driven decisions grows. Device Graph is a product that offers detailed insight into which devices are related and associated with a particular user. The ability to use qualified data to create a better consumer profile is a state-of-the-art benefit to businesses.

The Device Graph features and advantages include:

  • The proprietary tech interprets trillions of data points to correlate relationships between devices. This enables Device Graph to identify patterns that connect behaviors with a particular device.  Device Graph operates in real-time, meaning that data is never stale—giving marketers a real edge.
  • Device Graph operates the longest-running cross-device algorithm on the market.
  • Nielsen confirmed Device Graph cross-device accuracy to be 91.2 percent.
  • Device Graph is highly scalable.
  • The data is private.
  • The holistic view of consumers and their behavior enables lower-cost, higher-payoff marketing strategies.

Backed by an impressive team of investors, Tapad has offices in major financial centers and is deployed across industry and Fortune-500 brands. States Are Traasdahl, Founder and CEO, of Tapad, “Oracle has built one of the industry’s leading cloud data platforms. Having already worked with two of its core technology platforms—BlueKai and Datalogix—we look forward to deepening our relationship and further powering Oracle’s cross-device capabilities.”

Device Graph’s powerful capabilities raise privacy issues. However, although Tapad gathers information such as IP address and unique device identifier, it does not gather personal information such as name, address, phone number, or other sensitive data. Tapad also prohibits partners from gathering precise location data, and offers a browser-associated opt-out button on its own site.

The drive toward personalized data to enable marketing is picking up speed. With Tapad in the Oracle Data Cloud, enterprise can save money, make better choices, and offer focused consumer choices.


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