Yahoo Unveils Its Audio-Free Video Messaging App, Livetext

by • July 29, 2015

Yahoo has officially announced Livetext, an app where users chat with friends by sharing video and text — but no sound.

A couple of weeks ago, we spotted the Livetext app in the Apple App Store in Hong Kong. At the time, Yahoo declined to comment, except to say that it’s “always experimenting with new product experiences.”

The company demonstrated the app at a press event in New York City today. During the demo, Senior Director of Product Management Arjun Sethi started live messaging sessions with several friends and coworkers. They shared video footage with each other, making faces and showing off their surroundings. Then they started texting too — the content was similar to many other text conversations, with random comments, questions and emojis, but superimposed on a video.


In order to connect with others on Livetext, both users have to agree to become friends with each other. Once you’re connected, one of you can ask to start a Livetext session, then the video starts once the other user joins. (If your friend wants to Livetext and you’re not available to join till later, you’ll get each other’s text messages but no video.)

Livetext sessions are currently one-on-one, and while Sethi said he’s not ruling out the possibility of adding group sessions in the future, it doesn’t like that’s a priority.


Source: TechCrunch

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