How to Create Inside Connections with Companies You Want to Work For

by • July 28, 2015


A personal introduction inside an organization is a huge advantage to someone who wants to change careers or begin a new one. In fact, referrals are the number-one source companies use to find outside hires, and over 70 percent of people find jobs through leads from others, according to LinkedIn.

Access to the right people and companies is vital for a successful career change, especially as the marketplace becomes more challenging. A few moments spent connecting people in your network is a powerful act of kindness.

Not only will positive things come back to you when you extend a kind introduction, but you may also significantly help someone gain employment and improve their life. Introductions require no money and are simple to do. Here are a few ways to do them:

1.  Look for opportunities. 

Put up your antennae to become aware of friends, family, or colleagues who are changing careers. Ask directly if you can help them and who they’d like to meet.



Source: The Ladders

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