Mobile Leader Spotlight: Marisa Skolnik Shares Her Thoughts On Mobile’s Impact

by • March 13, 2014

TMKWe have another fantastic Mobile Leader Spotlight for you! Joining us this week is The Media Kitchen’s, Marisa Skolnik, who handles strategy for everything from retail to spirits. Let’s hear what Marisa has to say!

MLA: How do you see mobile improving/evolving the retail experience, in-store?

Adoption Tracking in-store visits with beacon providers. Ability to geo-target when specifically in-store and provide messaging towards actual products consumers are in front of. Combining social chatter with long/lat data to reach consumers while they are actually searching/talking about specific brands/competitors. 

MLA: For brands that have yet to really spend in mobile, what do you think is the hold up or concern?

I think there are a few main reasons that happens. 1) Not understanding full mobile capabilities 2) Not as accurate CTRs (fat fingers) 3) No real solution for re-targeting. I think once these issued have been solved, we will see most, if not all brands spend more in mobile.

MLA: What type of mobile technology are you most excited about?

I really am interested in the ability to track in-store visits and ability to combine geo-location data with social data (hyper-target mobile media to areas indexing the highest against relevant brand chatter for our audience) here. I see a lot of potential here!

MLA: What brand do you think has done a great job with mobile advertising and why?.

I like what Glamour is doing. They just launched their print-to-purchase feature. It allows their readers to buy products directly from print pages. It launches in their print issue  this month– but I think it shows how pubs even realize the importance of mobile and multi-channel advertising. BaubleBar, Maybeline, and L’Oreal Paris were their early partners. You can shop, get more content, even watch video from image recognition on your phone.

Big thanks to Marisa for her insight on how she believes mobile will impact retail, and her thoughts on some of the last few hurdles brands face when dealing with mobile.

Thanks again Marisa and take care mobile leaders!

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