Mobile Leader Spotlight: Macy’s Jacobus Boersma Talks Programmatic

by • February 27, 2014


Mobile Leaders, it’s that time again! This week we are very fortunate to have Jacobus Boersma, Sr. Solutions Manager, Marketing Systems at Macy’s. Jacobus provides a very unique prospective on programmatic and gives us some great insight as to what he thinks will help continue to push the mobile industry forward!

MLA: Mobile advertising is clearly starting to progress and brands are spending more and more, what do you think finally pushed mobile along?

Adoption and integration of mobile devices in to every day life has forced brands to respond. Consumers have changed their consideration and purchase process to include a heavy dose of mobile tech. Brands simply can’t ignore this development. And those that move quickly to adjust campaign strategy and spend levels to reflect the consumer shift to mobile should be able to maintain consumer attention. There are new expectations on the consumer side that brands must adjust to. The ability to talk to consumers in the mobile medium requires a shifting of dollars on the brand side, but unless it’s a meaningful shift, brands will struggle to keep up with the pace of adoption on the consumer side.

MLA: With Programmatic buying continuing to build momentum, how do you think it can/will help the mobile advertising industry?

Considering that mobile advertising actually follows the customer and appears in whatever environment the customer currently resides, the ability for marketers to provide relevant content in a real-time fashion, based on the most current customer activity, becomes a necessity. Macy’s embraces the concept of “the right message at the right time,” but to make that a reality you need a programmatic approach to message selection and delivery. Without a programmatic solution, you run a much greater risk of providing the wrong message at the wrong time through the very personal medium of mobile. The risk of negative customer engagement is higher and marketers need to account for that when diving in to mobile advertising.

MLA: What new mobile technology are you most excited about?

Right now, there isn’t a lot of mobile tech that captures my attention. But that’s purely on the hardware side of things. More bells and whistles do not necessarily make a phone better. On the ad tech side, there’s a lot more of interest. Particularly around the efforts to leverage a unique device ID to tie seemingly disparate activity and personas together. Phone numbers, and even devices themselves, change much less frequently than cookies. And given the issues of cookie tracking on mobile devices, not to mention cookies all together, the ability to use a more permanent individual identifier is awesome. Of course, privacy compliance has to be considered, but as consumers become more educated about how personal data is used, and the mobile space matures, I think we’ll see some interesting developments here.

MLA:¬†I’ve always believed ad relevancy is king and with you being a data guy, can you elaborate on how data can and should be leveraged to increase ad relevancy, and why it’s so important for brands to look at their 1st party (CRM) data to make this happen.

A company’s first party data is infinitely more valuable than anything coming from a 3rd party aggregator. Using known customer interaction with your brand to inform advertising strategy will always yield greater results. However, while the concept of big data has certainly taken off, what’s more important is the ability to glean actionable insights from that data. ¬†Investing in analytics (not just reporting) is a key step to increasing relevancy. Additionally, the ability to onboard first party data for use in digital advertising is a big step in the right direction to achieving individualized relevancy across a brands messaging tactics. While I consider the onboarding process to be more complicated than it should be, and inherently flawed, technology will continue to evolve, and the right companies will partner together to provide marketers with more mature marketing platforms.

First, huge thanks to Jacobus for a lot of great insight! It’s very exciting to learn that brands like Macy’s and the advertising industry as a whole are really starting to grasp the importance of data and how it can be leveraged to provide the most ideal experience for consumers, especially in mobile, which as Jacobus points out, is our most personal medium.

Thanks again Jacobus and take care mobile leaders!


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