Mobile Leader Spotlight: Craig Weinberg Gives Us His Thoughts on the Industry

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By: Dustin O’Dell

Hello Mobile Leaders! As some of us across the country push through the dog days of winter, I’m delighted to bring you a little something special to help cheer you up. For this week’s Mobile Spotlight interview we have Mindshare’s mobile master, Craig Weinberg.

So grab your favorite mobile device and read what Craig has to say about the mobile industry. Including his advice for anyone newbies out there or those thinking about a career in the mobile industry.

MLA: Are you seeing mobile become more of a focus for your clients? If no, why not. If yes, what are some examples of that shift?

Absolutely. Agencies and clients sometimes forget that they’re consumers too. We’re past the never-ending year of mobile. We’re now in the age of mobility. As rapid behavioral adoption of mobile continues, both clients and agencies are giving mobile a strong seat at the table during the planning stages. Some campaigns are “mobile-on-mobile” advertising, others use mobile as the connective tissue between TV, events, digital, OOH and other channels and now we’re lucky enough to find ourselves co-developing mobile-first standalone products for our client’s audiences.

MLA: Mobile spend for advertisers is still well behind the other mediums despite its rapid growth. With that said, what do you think the mobile industry has to do to help close this gap faster?

Mobile measurement is still difficult, there’s no denying it. In spite of that, closing that measurement gap is quickly evolving and solutions are becoming both more trustworthy and sophisticated. It’s delicate balancing act between client’s, agencies and publishers systems; most of whom do not sync well together. But it’s very clear that measurement is developing at a much faster clip than desktop did. And we also have these tiny computers in our pockets 24 hours a day, so we finally have the one device that truly close the loop from content/advertising to transaction.

MLA: What new (mobile) technology excites you the most in terms of its potential for advertisers?

iBeacons and micro-location technology has tremendous potential. Including advertising, consider the potential here. Creating better real-time, real-world geo-spatial experiences for audiences anywhere is now possible.  Think about a personalized, curated museum experience. Experiencing culture and art in a way in which your device interacts in a predictive way to offer you the best, most relevant information based on your past, your likes and also some unexpected surprise and delight.  

MLA: What advice would you give someone starting in mobile advertising today? Conversely, what is something you wish you would have known going into mobile that you know now?

Learn as much as you can, all the time and in any way you can. There’s never an ending point to learning mobile. It’s important to learn the fundamentals of the prevalent mobile business models – streaming, content, advertising, wearables, smart devices, connected TV’s, anything! It’s more important to be as well rounded as you can in a subject as deep and wide as mobile. Don’t pigeon hole yourself to learning only one aspect or vertical of the entire eco-system. Learn how the pieces fit together!

Another fantastic interview in the books! Big thanks to Craig for his participation and insight. Players in the mobile space like Craig have great visibility to what the largest brands are doing in mobile, so to get his thoughts on where things are, really allows us all to keep a pulse on how important mobile is and things in mobile that can be improved.


Dustin O’Dell

Dustin O’Dell is the Director of Content Management for MLA and Mobile Sales Manager for AdTheorent with a background in consumer data and programmatic buying. O’Dell is currently based in NYC, working with top agencies and brands applying innovative thought at the intersection of mobile technology, data, and marketing to change how brands engage consumers.


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