Mobile Leader Spotlight – A Discussion With Omar Haroun – CRO, Greatist

by • December 19, 2013

Happy Holidays readers! In this iteration of MLA’s Mobile Leader Spotlight, we wanted to switch gears a little and decided to pick the brain of Greatist Inc.’s Chief Revenue Officer, Omar Haroun. For those that don’t already know, Greatist is one of the fastest growing health and wellness sites in the US; covering not just what healthy means, but what it means to you.

Let’s see what Omar has to say about mobile.

MLA: How has the explosion in mobile consumption affected your readership, are you seeing this trend reflected with your readers?

Over 60% of our traffic comes from mobile (the iPhone being the single most popular device people access Greatist on), and the trend looks like it will only increase over time. Understanding this has shaped our editorial strategy, and shifted a lot of our focus to writing some of the highest quality health and wellness content in a short, punchy way that can be read and digested for readers who are pressed for time and on-the-go.

MLA: From an advertising perspective, have you seen mobile become more of a focus from your clients?

Yes — advertisers are certainly more interested in mobile now more than ever — so we’re always looking for ways to optimize for mobile.

MLA: What steps (if any specifically) is Greatist taking to capitalize on the rising mobile consumption?

We recently launched training guides for a 5K, half marathon, and on “how to be a morning person” that are available for purchase in the App store. We’re not rushing into building a native app just for the sake of having one (since our mobile-optimized site is so popular) but we’re always interested in learning about ways to provide value on mobile for advertisers.

MLA: What new mobile trends or technologies are you most excited about in 2014?

I think the M7 coprocessor in the iPhone 5S, and similar chips on other devices, will be super interesting to watch and I wonder what kind of advertising will be possible with the data that’s being gathered by fitness tracking that’s now possible without an external device. I’m also excited about in-app advertising becoming more personalized, contextualized, and ultimately relevant as we as an industry get better at using the data we’ve been collecting to achieve the promise of native advertising.

Thanks Omar, for providing the perspective of the publisher. A couple of his points above are especially interesting. The native app versus mobile site discussion as well as his point about phones and wearable devices providing troves of data that could prove very valuable for marketers and advertisers.

I am excited what 2014 brings to evolution of mobile. From wearables, to BLE transmitters (iBeacons), to harnessing the power of all that data that continue to pour from all the devices and sensors that continue to populate our physical world. See you again in the new year!

Happy Holidays!

About Greatist
Greatist is the leading, trusted brand making health more awesome. And we’ve been the fastest growing health site since 2011. (Must be all that interval training we’re doing!) By sticking true to our belief that people deserve better than the content out on the web, Greatist has built the defining health brand and business of this generation — one truly on your side. And we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.


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