Let Us Be Smart For You – A Morning of Mobile Privacy [RECAP]

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The MLA’s Morning of Mobile Privacy brought industry leaders together to discuss the popular and controversial topic of mobile privacy, and the event did not disappoint. Privacy advocates, Jules Polonetsky and Anthony Prestia among others, discussed how the explosive growth of mobile and the accompanying technology has led to vast amounts and collection of consumer data, as well as the ability to track consumers and their behaviors like never before. With this power, however, comes great responsibility and the mobile industry is hoping to side step the privacy pitfalls that led to the “do not track” movement that hampered desktop advertisers and publishers.

What’s the best way to handle the mobile privacy issue? Approach it head on. The fact that there were over 100 people in attendance to listen to mobile privacy advocates, speaks to proactive mindset of today’s marketers and advertisers. One question that did spark debate was, which party should be leading the charge on privacy and consumer data? Should it be the brands? Agencies? Vendors? Or possibly the government? There were a couple different views but it was agreed that the mobile industry and the players involved should be leading the conversation. The space is too intricate and nuanced for outside, government committees to fully understand and apply appropriate rules and regulations. So it’s up to us as in the industry to get it right.

The panelists also touched on the importance of accountability, transparency and safety as keys for brands vying for their consumers’ trust. Once that trust has been earned, brands can begin to educate consumers on how their data can be collected and used to provide more meaningful, valuable experiences, which will result in a lasting positive impression for brands. As keynote speaker Jules Polonetsky summarized, “Let us be smart for you, not just smart about you”.

I’ve taken the liberty of including the presented slides below for your reference and feel free to check out all the pictures from A Morning of Mobile Privacy after the break.


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